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Why choose HUBB Kitchens?

You've decided to take your beginning business to the next level, and we are here to help you grow! Commercial kitchens allow you to use professional-grade kitchen spaces and equipment without having to cover the costs of overhead fees, up-keep, and other typical expenses of a brick-and-mortar location. Our goal is to get you into our kitchen, give you the tools to develop and grow your business, and then leave... to expand into your own restaurant or space! 

What makes HUBB Kitchens different?

Ghost kitchens and commissary kitchens are growing, but why choose us?

Wholesale Product Pricing

When you become a member of HUBB Kitchens, you also gain access to our vendors, allowing your company to take advantage of wholesale pricing and cut down your food costs by 20%.

Professionally Managed

More than just a kitchen, we strive for excellence and great customer service. We have friendly on-site staff and a 24/7 answering service to help guide questions.

Advisory Services

We offer a variety of services to assist with the logistics of starting your own company - services like business plans, bookkeeping, and marketing strategies. We work together to take your company to the next level. Learn more here.

How our members are doing...

Andrew has grown his revenue by 54% since joining HUBB Kitchens in December 2020. 

Andrew McCook, owner of Blue Ox Bakery

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