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Chef's Kitchen

How we work

Helping Under-served Beginning Businesses

HUBB Kitchens provides an opportunity to those starting or expanding their culinary business by removing the upfront cost of having a brick-and-mortar location. 

Available for rent by the hour, week, or month. 

Our Membership Process

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1. Tour one of our facilities. Join out waitlist to tour!

2. Review our Pricing Packages.

3. Contact your Regulatory Agency - view our Membership Checklist here

4. Schedule your orientation.

5. Complete On-Site inspection with proper regulatory agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a member?
    View our Membership Checklist to get the full list of steps! The first step is to set up your tour. Our open facility is currently under a waitlist - join our waitlist to be the first notified to tour!
  • Where are you located?
    Our first location is at 1129 Corporation Parkway Suite 199 in Raleigh. We have 2 additional locations coming in 2023/2024!
  • How much is the minimum possible cost for space per month?
    Just getting started? We understand! The smallest plan we have is $200 ($150 credit plan + $50 dry shelf). Check out our Fee Schedule for all plan options.
  • Do you accept food trucks?
    Our Glenwood location will accept food trucks when it opens in 2023.
  • Do you have food trucks for rent?
    We do not provide food trucks, only the commissary space for their permits.
  • Do you offer overnight parking for food trucks?
    Our fourth Raleigh location on Glenwood Ave will when it opens later this year.
  • How much does it cost to rent the kitchen?
    We rent our facility by the hour for $30/hr and as low as $20/hr. Check out our Fee Schedule for more details!
  • How do I come see the facility?
    Our open location is currently at full capacity. As space becomes available and our other two locations open, we will be contacting applicants who filled out the Waitlist via email.
  • What if I need help navigating the regulatory process?
    We are here to help you! Check out our advisory services designed to help you and your business. Sign up here!
  • Does HUBB Kitchen support natural soap and skincare businesses?
    We can accommodate cosmetic product production. You would follow the same procedure as a baker or juice maker would, but a good first step if are just getting started is to call the NCDA Compliance Office - their number is in step 3 of the membership checklist.
  • I am a chef and only want to use the kitchen for a couple days, what do I do?
    As a private chef not seeking full membership, you would need insurance and a safety orientation ($150). Be sure to email when you apply to let us know.
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