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Gourmet Meals


January 2022

"True to one of HUBB's goals to support the core business planning and growth of food & beverage founders, they've had 4 entrepreneurs in the 1st year of operations grow enough to graduate to their own seperate brick & mortar locations."

Weagle - William McGuire / Read Full Article

"In this interview, the growing necessity of ghost kitchens identified by the COVID-19 pandemic is explained, and Jason Johnson shares his insight on this service’s potential and his passion for helping other entrepreneurs in the food industry succeed."

May 2021

New Venture Advisors LLC / Read Full Article

"Their work is creating a diverse interconnected business ecosystem—every successful food company owned by a woman or person of color makes the path easier for the next one."

December 2019

New Venture Advisors LLC / Read Full Article

"Jason Johnson won the competition with his concept called the HUBB, a small business incubator, food truck commissary and commercial kitchen available for rent by the hour, week or month to culinary entrepreneurs wanting to try their hand at a new food or baking concept."

November 2019

WTVD ABC 11 / Read Full Article

"However, the industry has seen the opposite - sustained and explosive interest in food entrepreneurship that has led to the continued demand for shared-use food production space."

MARCH 2016

Econsult Solutions Inc. / Read Full Article

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